Can music stop the crime?

It is a reference to Venezuela’s multifaceted personality who used the arts as an effective means of transforming society.
He began to transform music in his homeland and especially attracted young people to it.

We’re talking about Jose Antonio Abreu, an important and vivid reference to various fields of art, including education, economics, politics in Venezuela, and was departing from the world today in 2018.
He is recognized worldwide for his services in addition to his philosophy and ideas.

He was born in 1939. He presented the idea of ​​seeking music to help prevent social evils and serious crimes in Venezuela some thirty years ago. In those days, murder was rampant in the country and young people were addicted to drugs. In addition to the unrest, corruption, gang wars were taking place daily

Convincing the government, he started teaching free music to children from the age of two in the country.

In this way, education was of central importance to the society and in such classes, children were taught to respect one another and to cooperate. Gradually the situation improved and today in Venezuela music is regarded as the key to positive change and a healthy society.

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