China is near to introduce first coronavirus vaccine

China has started medical  trials of its first vaccine developed to cure the strongest virus  coronavirus (COVID-19).
A team of researchers led by Chen Wei, the country’s top military bio-warfare expert revealed Beijing has given the go-ahead to medicals trials of the coronavirus vaccine.
“Vaccine is the strongest scientific weapon to end the coronavirus,” she told state broadcaster CCTV.
“If China is the first country to invent such weapons and have our own to cure weapon to end this, it shows the progress of our science and the image of a giant country in the world
Chen said the research team has also prepared for large-scale production of the vaccine so large number will get easily
The Recombinant Novel Coronavirus Vaccine was successfully developed following more than a month of research, including the study of the vaccines for Ebola.
Being a leading specialist in genetic engineering vaccines in China, she also developed a medical spray during the SARS outbreak in 2003 and save many life’s
The product prevented around 14,000 medical workers from contracting the virus, said another state-media report.
he is also known in the country as the ‘terminator of Ebola’ for leading a team to create a vaccine against the fatal illness.
Speaking of fighting the novel coronavirus, Chen said: ‘The epidemic is like a military situation. The epicenter equals to the battlefield.’

Chen and her team were already developing a quicker way to screen the COVID-19, according to an official report from China.

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