In China, the “Hantavirus” began to spread, the first death

Beijing: Hantavirus outbreaks after coronavirus in China, killing the first patient

According to a report by a foreign news agency, Hantavirus has spread fears among citizens after the corona in China. The first patient died of Hantavirus in Yunnan Province

The deceased patient traveled on the bus, after which all the passengers on the bus were screened. Experts say Hantavirus spreads to mice; if a rat bites a person, it can transmit the virus

Experts say that Hantavirus cannot transmit from human to human, nor does it have any effect on the atmosphere. However, rats bite increase the risk of the virus

The report said the citizen’s HantaVirus report came in positive after which the death occurred. 32 passengers were also inspected for the bus on which the citizen was traveling, though reports did not come forward.

Be aware that the whole world, including China, is currently battling coronavirus. The deadly virus originated from a Chinese city there, and so far around 16,000 people have been killed worldwide.

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