Pharmaceutical company are near to Discovery Coronavirus  treatment 

Ottawa: Canadian pharmaceutical company Corona nears discovery of virus treatment

Canadian pharmaceutical company Winnipeg says doctors in the country have reached a final stage in the preparation of medicines to cure those affected by the virus.
Emergency BioSolutions reports that Corona is developing an experimental treatment for the viral disease, while at the same time partnering with two US pharmaceutical companies to work on the Corona vaccine.
Dr. Souard says last week that the clinical phase vaccine company Novovax, along with biotech company Walmart, developed two oral vaccines.
“We started the vaccine immediately after looking at our various platforms,” ​​he said.
According to Dr. Sourd, we support several licensed medicines through some of our proven technologies and we are preparing them to work on the Coronavirus.

He explained that many researchers were focusing on a vaccine that could protect someone from the Crohn’s virus and that we would soon be successful.

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