Those with no symptoms can also have the coronavirus

WASHINGTON: Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Anthony Faki says those who do not have the symptoms can also have the coronary virus, not a hundred percent say a healthy person will not be infected again

According to details in an interview with epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Foxy, the corona virus can be caused by someone who does not have symptoms, and the virus can badly affect young people in their 30s.
Dr. Faki said the virus spreads so fast, the virus has now become a nightmare, about a hundred percent of a person with a virus cannot say that it will not be infected again.
Experts added that social distance, hand washing, and caution are the only ways to prevent the virus.
Earlier, senior US scientist Dr. Anthony Foxy said in a statement to Corona that the coronavirus can invade every year like a seasonal virus before the virus can be attacked again.
Dr. Anthony Foxy says the Coronavirus began to take root from the south, where it is now winter and more cases are exposed to countries where it is cold.
American scientists have said that night and day are working on vaccine, two vaccines are currently being prepared for human use, one is with the United States and the other is with China while one is fully utilized. This can take up to two years

They added that the virus stops in a lubricant so wash it frequently and wash hands.

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