Will the Coronavirus expire in the summer?

A spokesperson for the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has said that the Coronavirus The fact that the Coronavirus is heat exhausted is unfounded. NDMA spokesman Asif Mehmood issued a statement on the coronavirus on Saturday, saying that although the death rate from the virus is high, it is spreading rapidly, which is why we are at risk. Asif Mehmood said that it is common for us that after the onset of heat the virus will break and it will disappear, this is absolutely baseless. He said that if the precautionary measures were not taken and controlling the virus, it would be sustained despite the severe summer heat. Asif Mehmood said, “The virus can only be eliminated with the spray of germicide, the only cure for preventing the spread of corona is to quarantine the affected person or those who visit him.” It should be noted that the Coronavirus has started to camp in Europe, Gulf countries and other Asian countries after China, followed by China, Italy and Iran.

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