Corona virus: 509 people Died in 24 hours in France

 Corona virus: 509 people Died in 24 hours in France

Paris: The deadly plague ‘coronavirus’ in France killed 509 people a day, and more than 4,000 more cases have been reported.

According to details, 563 people lost their lives due to the Coronavirus in the UK and France on the last day.

The total death toll in France has reached 4032 following the further death of 509 French citizens affected by the Coronavirus, while the total number of patients has risen to 59,900 after the virus was diagnosed in 4861 people.
French the director-general of health said that the condition of 6,000 17 people affected by the Coronavirus is critical, but so far 10 thousand 935 people have recovered.
It is thought that the outbreak of the Coronavirus in European countries has caused the highest number of deaths in Italy, where the total number of deaths has increased to 13,155.

It may be noted that the number of coronaries virus patients have increased to 9,35,957 worldwide and the death toll has increased to 47,245 while the number of cured patients has increased to 1 lakh 94 thousand 286.

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