Corona virus: 88,505 deaths globally

  Corona virus: 88,505 deaths globally

World: New and deadly viruses have been destroyed by Wood Ninth in Europe and the United States, with 88,505 deaths worldwide.

According to details, the whole world is lying badly with the Coronavirus at present, 209 countries and regions of the world are infected with the virus, so far more than 1.5 million people have been affected by the virus globally. Only 330,000 patients have recovered.
17,669 deaths have been reported from the Corona virus in Italy, while more than 393,000 people have been infected. There have been 14,795 deaths from the virus in the United States and more than 4,535 people have been infected with the virus. In Spain, the virus swallowed 14,792 lives, while more than 100,000 people were affected.
In France, Corona swallowed 10,869 lives, while more than 1,12,000 were infected, in The UK the Coronavirus killed 7097, and more than 60,000 civilians were affected. The death toll from the Coronavirus in Iran has risen to 3993, with more than 64,000 affected, In China, 3335 people were killed by the Coronavirus, while 81 thousand more than 800 were infected.
The Corona virus swallowed 2349 lives in Germany, and more than 131,000 were infected; the virus swallowed 2248 lives in the Netherlands, affecting more than 20,000 people, killing 2240 people in Belgium and more than 23,000. Are affected. Switzerland kills 895 people with Coronavirus, more than 23,000 have been affected

The virus killed 820 people in Brazil, affected more than 16,000, Corona swallowed 812 lives in Turkey while 38,000 people were affected, 687 died in Sweden, 427 in Canada, 380 died in Portugal. The death toll was 273 in Austria, 242 in Ecuador, 240 in Indonesia, 204 deaths in South Korea, over 10,000 affected, while 178 people were killed and 5916 affected by the virus in India so far.

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