Coronavirus death toll rises to 66 in the country, affecting 4601 peopleCoronavirus death toll rises to 66 in the country, affecting 4601 people

ISLAMABAD: The number of patients has increased from 4601 in Pakistan, the number of new cases is increasing rapidly, as the number of patients being tested is increasing

According to News, data released today by the Command and Operation Center on the Corona virus says that the death toll from the virus has increased to 66 in the country, with 284 cases reported in the last 24 hours. 4 more deaths were reported.
According to CNOC, Corona cases are being carefully monitored by the provinces, till now the province is top in terms of the number of cases, where 2279 cases have been reported, Punjab like other provinces. I also have a lockdown.

Sindh became a victim of Coronavirus cases in Pakistan, where the virus spread to various cities of Sindh due to visitors coming from Teftan Border, but due to immediate response from Sindh government, the cases So far 1128 cases have been reported in the province.
In the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the number of coronavirus cases has increased to 620; lockdown has been set up in several districts of Khyber to control the outbreak. In a Gallup survey, yesterday, it was revealed that all the provinces of Pakistan In terms of the measures taken to control the Corona epidemic, Pukhtoon is the province where the people are most satisfied.

According to the Command and Operation Center data, 219 Corona cases have been reported so far in Balochistan; doctors and other medical staff in Balochistan have recently protested against the government’s inadequacy of the Coronavirus protection equipment, He was also tortured by the police, who are believed to be playing the role of frontline Soldiers all over the world, including Pakistan, but Quetta police treated the medical staff very badly. Doctors’ Association says doctors are also causing coronavirus to spread itself due to lack of protective equipment

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