Former Libyan Prime Minister died from Corona Virus

Former Libyan Prime Minister died from Corona Virus

Cairo: Former Libyan Prime Minister Mahmoud Gabriel Corona lost his life due to the coronavirus

According to international media reports, former African Arab country Libyan Prime Minister Mahmoud Gabriel underwent treatment in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.
Mahmud Gabriel was diagnosed with the Coronavirus on March 26, and was quarantined in Cairo.
Two days ago, his condition was shifted to the hospital, where he died after being treated.
Khalid Al-Murami, secretary of the Alliance of National Forces formed by him, confirmed that 68-year-old Mahmoud Gabriel Corona had died of the virus.
Mahmoud Gabriel was the head of Muammar Gaddafi’s ouster in 2011 and was elected Libya’s first prime minister after Arab Spring.
 Former Somali Prime Minister Noor Hassan Hussein died of coronavirus after being treated in London
The number of coronary diseases in the world has increased to 12,25,686 and so far, 66,520 people have died from the deadly the epidemic, while the number of coronary patients has increased to 2 lakh 53 thousand 864.

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