Gene Deitch,  director of the cartoon series Tom and Jerry, passed away

Los Angeles: Children’s favorite cartoon ‘Tom and Jerry’ and Popeye the Sailor man’s director, gene Deitch, died at the age of 95.

According to the details, Tom and jerry Oscar-winning animator, illustrator, filmmaker, and favorite of the children’s favorite cartoons, Popeye the Sailor man’s director, Gene Deitch, left the world at the age of 95.
His masterpiece cartoon characters Tom and Jerry and Popeye the sailor man is equally popular among children and adults around the world.
In reference to Jean Dutch’s death, CCH publisher Peter Hamel told the media that he passed away suddenly the previous day, and ZH did not elaborate on other details about gene dietch death.

Remember that gene Deitch film Munro

was nominated for an Oscar Award for Best Animated The film, and in 1964 two of her films were nominated for an Oscar Award. In addition, the Oscar-winning animator Jane Dutch was also awarded the 2004 The Winsor Mac Award.
Tom and Jerry are still very popular all over the world despite their violent humor, they are shown on children’s TV everywhere from Japan to Pakistan, and now a new mobile phone game made on China has over 100 million There are more users than ever.

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