How many degrees Celsius does the Coronavirus end up in?

How many degrees Celsius does the Coronavirus end up in?
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Paris: How tough is the Coronavirus? Details of recent French researchers’ research have been revealed in this regard.
Researchers at X-Marseille University in Provence, France, have proven that the idea of ​​the Coronavirus has come to a halt. Coronavirus, saying it becomes even tougher, researchers said, as a method of sterilizing laboratories. It proved ineffective.
Researchers say, research has shown that the Coronavirus has reached 60 degrees Celsius (140 Fahrenheit) long enough to be a common sight, and that temperature has not disappeared at the same time.
To eliminate this pathogen, a temperature of 92 ° C (198 Fahrenheit) is required, which eliminates the virus in 15 minutes.
Scientists used kidney cells of an African green monkey for this study, which is considered a standard source for testing viral activity, the monkey was infected with a Crohn’s virus from a patient in Berlin, Germany.

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