No Coronavirus Affected Patient in North Korea

No Coronavirus Affected Patient in North Korea

Pyongyang: The North Korean government has claimed that there is not a single coronavirus patient in their country.

According to a foreign news agency’s port, the North Korean Department of Infectious Disease says there is no infectious disease of the coronavirus in our country, the border was closed as soon as the virus was reported in China.
Head of the department, Pak Myungsu, said all passengers arriving in the country were first placed in Quarantina, where their screening confirmed that no citizen was suffering from coronas.
He said that we closed the air and sea routes immediately so that the outbreak could not enter our country, and we were successful in our cause. It is understood that North Korea was already suffering from isolation due to global sanctions
It is understood that the sanctions helped North Korea controls the virus. However, in recent days foreign media claimed in its report that several North Korean military personnel had been killed by the coronavirus

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