Russian scientists also claim to have developed the coronavirus vaccine

Moscow: Russian scientists claim to be vaccinated with the life-threatening pandemic of the Coronavirus, scientists say, to test the vaccine on animals first to make sure it is not harmful to humans.

Foreign news agency reports that every country is battling the outbreak of the Coronavirus spreading from China, while some countries have claimed to have developed the virus, which includes the US, China, France and Iran.

Scientists at a research center in Koltsov, a small Russian town, have claimed that they have developed the Coronavirus vaccine, which is still being tested.
Scientists have said that the vaccine will first be tested on animals and later analyzed whether the vaccine is harmful to humans.

Scientists say the first trial of the vaccine will be taken in June, media reports

Foreign media say the main task of this research center is to collect the dangerous viruses around the world and develop their vaccine, which is released from the state fund.

The foreign the news agency said that the vector research center developed the first HIV and hepatitis B vaccine in Russia, a research center supported by former Soviet Union member states and the World Health Organization.

Media reports say the research center has 160 employees, 139 of whom hold doctorate and master’s degrees in the science field. Vector is one of six research centers selected by the World Health Organization to fight the Corona virus.

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