Social Media Trend #MeAt20 : Do you know who this celebrity is?

Social Media Trend #MeAt20 : Do you know who this celebrity is?

Due to Corona Lockdown, billions of consumers are confined to their homes and them work differently to make their time better, most important of which is the use of social media.

At this time, people are doing different things to encourage each other, including exciting trends in social media. The social networking site Twitter #TeamTeam #MeAt20 has become particularly popular worldwide and is now in top trading in Pakistan.
Along with consumers, celebrities participated and shared their photos of 20 years, as well as Ali Zafar shared a photo of himself in the Eighties, which is difficult to identify.

Ali Zafar wrote on Twitter: Remember that sketching needs to be 16 to 18 hours a day, recording my first music album and video and supporting a family and saving 4 to 5 lakhs. ‘And’ Chana ‘was released, the rest is history, he will never forget the times.

Singer Ali Zafar’s fans also liked his image and wished him well in the future.

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