The Coronavirus has killed 190,000 people worldwide


 KARACHI: The the deadly epidemic of coronavirus has claimed the lives of more than 190,000 people across the world while the number of infected people has crossed 2.418 million.

The deadly coronavirus, which spreads from China, has wreaked havoc around the world, but the worst affected are the United States and Europe, where piles of corpses have piled up. Refused to receive bodies.
The death toll from the coronavirus worldwide has risen to 190,654, but it is encouraging that more than 745,000 corona patients have recovered through the efforts of doctors, while efforts are being made to save the lives of other patients. Is
The United States tops the list of countries infected with the coronavirus, with more than 49,800 deaths and more than 880,000 people infected.
The coronavirus has killed as many people in Spain as it has in Italy, and so far 22,157 people have died in Spain, with more than 213,000 infected. ۔
The deadly epidemic in Italy has so far killed 25,549 people and affected more than 189,000.
In France, the virus killed 21,856 people and infected more than 158,000, while in Britain the death toll rose to 18,738 and the number of patients exceeded 138,000.
Iranian doctors and authorities have almost curbed the spread of the virus, which has reduced the death toll there. Despite this, the virus has killed 5,481 people and infected more than 87,000.
China overcame the virus several days ago, leaving the death toll almost non-existent, with 4,632 people killed and 82,000 still infected.
In Germany, the coronavirus has killed 5,575 people and infected more than 153,000, killing 6,490 in Belgium, 1,549 in Switzerland and 5,491 in Turkey, and infecting more than 110,000 people.


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