The Coronavirus kills 2035 more in the United States

The Coronavirus kills 2035 more in the United States

WASHINGTON: The deadliest provoked Covid19 virus stabbed bodies in the United States, killing more than 2,000 people in just 24 hours

According to the details, the highest number of cases have been reported in the United States, the number has increased to over 5 lakhs, the second-highest in terms of casualties.

The 2035 American citizens suffering from the deadly epidemic has died in a single day, causing severe panic throughout the world, including the United States; more than two thousand deaths in 24 hours. Has increased
New York is also the most affected state in the United States, where the death toll from the virus has exceeded 7800, including 100 Pakistanis.

According to media reports, there are currently more than 9,000 cases in the United States of over one and a half million cases whose condition has been declared a concern.

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