The US may reopen before May 1, Donald Trump

The US may reopen before May 1, Donald Trump

WASHINGTON: The debate over the reopening of the country between US President Donald Trump and the state’s governors once again sparked controversy.

According to a foreign news agency report, the deadly outbreak of the new and deadliest Coronavirus has caused the most devastation in the United States, where thousands of deaths are occurring on a daily basis and millions are affected.
In critical situations when the burial grounds in the cemeteries have ended and no more patients are left in hospitals, US President Donald Trump wants to reopen the country by easing lockdown.
Discussions and disagreements have been ongoing between the US President and the governors of the states over the past two days on the issue of reopening the country.
US President Donald Trump says plans to reopen the country are in the final stages, with the United States likely to open before May 1.
Donald Trump added that every state governor has the authority to abolish or continue the lockdown.

It is believed that after China and Italy, the United States has now become the most corrupt virus killed country. So far, more than 26,000 Crohn’s patients have died in the United States, while 6,614,246 people have been affected.

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