Trump announces to deploy 1,000 troops to New York

Trump announces to deploy 1,000 troops to New York

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump has announced the deployment of an additional 1,000 troops to New York, saying that we are fighting a war that no one has been trained in.

US President Donald Trump said in a routine press conference with the Corona Task Force that the next two weeks will be the toughest battle against the Coronavirus, in the meanwhile, there are fears of an increase in fatalities.
Donald Trump announces the deployment of a thousand more troops to New York to assist the Coronation Prevention, saying thousands of troops will be deployed to assist various states, eliminating Corona and the country again. We will use every possible resource to open from there, some ventilators will be sent to New York by the government, federal agencies have ordered 180 million masks.

The US president said that military personnel is going to war for which they are not trained, no one has been trained for this war. He added that I am thankful to doctors, nurses and other medical staff, and food suppliers.

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