African coronavirus medicine getting popular in Europe

Senegal: The amazing African medicine for the deadly coronavirus, which has proved to treat deadly virus getting popular in Europe and the United States

According to details, the West African country of Senegal has approved clinical trials of Madagascar’s herbal medicine ‘Ko Weed Organics’ (CVO) on corona patients, a beverage that has been claimed to contain the coronavirus. Healing medicine
“We have decided to use Artemisia (the main ingredient of the drink). We are going to test it scientifically. We need a green signal from the government,” Dawood Andy, head of the Senegalese Scientific Committee, told the media on Thursday. Has been found
However, Senegal’s leading scientist has banned people from taking self-medication, warning people not to use the drink on their own, saying it was used only under medical supervision. To go
He said that this herbal medicine for coronavirus can be used not only for patients with corona infection but also for its prevention. Senegalese health ministry officials say clinical trials of Artemisia have begun.
The coronavirus has so far killed 17 people in Senegal, while 1,634 cases have been reported in the country, of which 643 have recovered.
Covid Organics, a coronavirus drink launched last month by Madagascar’s President Andrei Regulina, has been developed by the Madagascar Institute of Applied Research. Senegalese President Macky Sall also greeted Madagascar for seeking medical treatment for corona.
Meanwhile, the Regional Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) for Africa said in a media briefing that he advised the Madagascar government to start a clinical trial of this drink, we are also ready to share with them. On the other hand, South Africa has also offered assistance to Madagascar for the scientific analysis of cod organics. So far, the drink has been shipped to several African countries.
The drink is made from the herb Artemisia and other indigenous herbs. Artemisia is an herb used in malaria medicine and its efficacy has been confirmed, but the WHO says it Some herbal ingredients are regularly extracted and used in medicine. The plant itself does not cure malaria.

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