Big announcement for the opening business of Karachi traders

Big announcement for the opening business of Karachi traders

KARACHI: Traders of Shar-e-Quaid have announced to open a business from 15th Ramadan while Nasir Hussain Shah assured the traders that SOPs would be prepared immediately for the opening of markets.
According to details, traders in Karachi formed a new alliance to open markets. The first meeting of the new alliance was held at the office of the President Karachi Electronic Dealers Association. The meeting was attended by various traders’ alliances and associations from all districts. Attended.
The new alliance Supreme Council of Traders has announced to open the markets from the 15th of Ramadan as per consensus and demand. During the meeting, Local Government Minister Nasir Hussain Shah telephoned the traders and assured them that the markets would be opened. SOPs will be prepared immediately.
Business leader Rizwan Irfan demanded from the government to open the markets till the 15th of Ramadan and said that there was no clash with the government and the traders were worried.
Jamil Paracha said that traders are committing suicides. If there are more suicides, cases will be registered against the Chief Minister’s House, while Sharjeel Gopalan had said that our people are not accustomed to online and only 15% of people have benefited. A living will not be able to pay electricity, gas and other government dues.

On the other hand, MQM Pakistan supported the demands of the business community. Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui said that the business community should immediately form its own SOP and resume its business. Yes, the revival of trade and business activities in Karachi is essential to keep the country’s economy alive.
It may be recalled that Anjuman-e-Tajiran Lahore Mujahid Maqsood Butt had written a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan in which he said that small traders were in a bad condition due to lockdown. ۔

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