Coronavirus: Death toll in Pakistan rises to 1,167, more cases reported

ISLAMABAD: The National Command and Operational Center has said that the number of deaths due to coronavirus in Pakistan has reached 1,167, while more cases were reported within 24 hours.
According to the details, the NCOC said that 1,748 new cases of coronavirus were reported in the country during the last 24 hours, bringing the number of confirmed cases of the epidemic in Pakistan to 56,349.
So far, 483,656 tests have been performed in the country, while other patients are being treated.
Keep in mind that the deadly wars of Karuna are going on all over Pakistan and elsewhere. The death toll from the deadly Corona epidemic, which has proved to be extremely deadly to humanity continues to rise.
The corona virus has killed 346,000 people worldwide
The virus has infected more than 5.5 million people and so far more than 2.32 million patients have recovered from the virus. The United States is the country most affected by the epidemic, with the highest number of deaths. In the United States, more than 99,000 deaths and more than 1,686 deaths have been reported from the corona

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