PM announces transfer of money to unemployed from Monday

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan, while announcing the transfer of money to the unemployed through Corona Relief Fund from Monday, said that it is our obligation to ease the lockdown, if we start providing employment to these people today, they may starve to death Mind you, we have to stay with Corona until the end of this year.
According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing the nation on the situation of Corona said that our doctors, nurses are fighting jihad against Corona, the government is fully aware of the plight of doctors and paramedics staff. There was nothing better than that.
The Prime Minister said that medical experts and scientists are saying that there is no vaccine in sight this year. If the vaccine does not come this year, it means that Corona is not going anywhere. Lockdown means that people can be prevented from gathering. Can prevent the virus from spreading, but will the virus be eradicated?
Imran Khan said that where cases were decreasing, cases are coming up again. When people get relief from lockdown again, the virus starts spreading again. This year we have to fight this corona virus. This year the virus will be eradicated. Chances are low.
He said that Pakistan had given a package of 8 8 billion with difficulty, the United States had given a package of 00 2200 billion, Japan had also given a package of one trillion dollars. Poverty is higher than Europe and China.
The Prime Minister said that the virus cannot be controlled till the vaccine arrives, 25 million people have gone home due to lockdown, 25 million people have no other source of income, 150 million people in Pakistan are corona lockdown. Are affected by
Imran Khan said that easing of lockdown is our obligation, pressure on doctors and hospitals will increase, there is a danger of further spread of corona virus in Pakistan, if we start employing these people today, they will starve to death. There is fear.
He further said that other countries are saving their economy, we will save our people from starvation, on the one hand we have to look after Corona and take care of the rest of the country but due to Corona other diseases are being ignored in Pakistan.
Referring to the Corona situation, the Prime Minister said that thanks to the steps taken by the government, the situation is under control. We estimated that there would be 52695 cases in Pakistan by May 14 and there was a risk of 1,324 deaths in Pakistan. As of May, 35,700 cases had been recorded, resulting in 770 deaths.

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