Postcard sent in 1987 received in 2020

Postcard sent in 1987 received in 2020

Washington: A postcard sent to his brother in 1987 by American citizen Annie Lowell reached its destination 33 years later.
According to the details, Paul Wills, a resident of San Francisco, California, USA, was sent this Christmas card by his sister, which he has now received 32 and a half years later.
Regarding the postcard sent to Annie, a 65-year-old teacher, years ago, her 76-year-old brother recently called to say that he had received a postcard sent in 1987.
In the postcard, Annie can be seen sitting near Huasu, a famous waterfall in Arizona, which she posted on December 18, 1987, received on April 29, 2020, with a new San Francisco stamp.
Paul Willis read a card to his sister over the phone that read, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”
When the American media found out the reason for the late arrival of the card, they said that the card was found during the cleaning of the post office during the lockdown and we sent it immediately.

Annie told CNN that she never asked Willis if he had received a handmade postcard

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