Progress in PIA plane crash investigation

KARACHI: The Civil Aviation Air Traffic Controller (ATC) and the Approach Tower Controller on duty in the investigation of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane crash have submitted a written reply to the inquiry committee.
According news correspondent, the aircraft accident and investigation team questioned the two controllers handling flight PK8303 from Lahore to Karachi on May 22.
According to sources, the Approach Tower had assigned the task of landing the aircraft to the ATC controller after 10 nautical miles from the landing. do.
The written reply submitted by the air traffic controller to the investigation team states that the captain ignored the instructions given at 10 nautical miles from the landing, before landing at Karachi airport where the plane has an altitude of 1800 feet. At the time, the captain flew the plane at an altitude of 3,000 feet. Despite repeated instructions, the captain said he would maintain a balance of altitude and speed before landing.
According to the ATC controller, the captain landed the plane for the first time without opening the landing gear. After 10 nautical miles for landing, the approach tower handed him over. When the captain made the first landing, both engines collided with the runway and he Rubbed off the runway three times, the captain took time to maintain speed and altitude at the exact landing and forgot to open the landing gear.
The response stated that the engine collided with the runway due to landing without landing gear, which caused sparks, on which the captain flew the plane again and then asked permission to land, after which the captain re-landed. At the same time, he said that the engines of the plane have failed. For landing, the plane was allowed to land on the right side of runway number 25.

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