Sindh the government also demanded reduction in CNG prices

Sindh the government also demanded reduction in CNG prices

KARACHI: The Sindh government has termed the reduction in prices of petroleum products as insufficient and demanded further reduction and has also called for a reduction in CNG prices.

According to details, Sindh Transport Minister Owais Shah has demanded from the federation that CNG prices should also be reduced in Sindh. The government should have reduced petroleum prices by up to Rs 30.
He said that the federation reduced the price of CNG in Punjab by Rs 12.50 per kg, why the price of CNG in Sindh was not reduced? The federation should have given the benefit of reduction in CNG price to Sindh as well.
It may be recalled that the government has reduced the price of petrol by Rs 15 per liter for May. After which the new price reached 81 rupees 58 paise. Similarly, a reduction of Rs 27.15 paise was announced in high speed diesel after which the price per liter reached Rs 80.10 paise.
According to the announcement, kerosene became cheaper by Rs 30, after which the new price became Rs 47.44, while light diesel became cheaper by Rs 15 to Rs 47.51 per liter.

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