Will the coronavirus vaccine never be ready?

Will the coronavirus vaccine never be ready?

LONDON: A senior World Health Organization (WHO) doctor says that although more than 100 vaccines are currently being tested, the coronavirus vaccine is not far off.
The WHO expert warned that research on HIV and dengue has been going on for many years, but
Experts have not yet developed a vaccine.
He said that although more than 100 vaccines have been tested in pre-clinical trials and some of them have been tested on humans.
But the scary thing is that we still don’t see the effects of the corona vaccine.
“There are some viruses that we can’t say for sure, so their vaccines,” said Dr. David Nebro.
But work could not begin.
According to a report by the American Broadcasting Corporation, there is a possibility of a sharp increase in the cases of Corona.
According to some countries, the lockdown has been eased, which could make the situation worse.
The report states that in the last four decades, 32 million people worldwide have not been vaccinated against HIV.
They have lost their lives. In addition, the dengue virus causes more than 400,000 deaths annually.
In some countries a dengue vaccine (dengue vaccine) is available for people aged 9-45.

But the WHO recommends that the vaccine be given only to people who have been infected with a previously confirmed dengue virus infection. do not have.
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