Big decision regarding the cattle market

LAHORE: The Punjab government has allowed the setting up of cattle markets across the province and mass welfare of other welfare institutions including madrassas.

According to News, an important meeting of the sub-cabinet committee of the Punjab government was held in which decisions regarding setting up of cattle markets and mass sacrifices across the province were approved.
It was decided in the meeting that the commissioner of each district would identify outside the city limits where the sale of cattle would be allowed and action would be taken against those selling cattle within the city limits.

Terms for the buyer

Afro, who goes to the market to buy cattle, has to follow the instructions of masks, gloves and social distance. SOPs have to be implemented to bring animals within the city limits.

It was decided that the district administration would also administer regular disinfectant sprays in the cattle markets. Children, adults and women would not be allowed to enter the market under any circumstances. Will be returned from

Confirmation of Law Minister

Later, Law Minister Raja Basharat said that an important meeting on implementation of SOPs has been convened on Monday during Eid in which the Punjab government will put forward its recommendations.

Raja Basharat said that “after the approval, the Punjab government will issue a formal notification. Establishment of cattle markets in urban areas is already banned.”

Expansion of Karachi Cattle Market

On the other hand, the management of Asia’s largest cattle market on the Karachi Super Highway has started further expansion of the area to implement SOPs. New blocks will be constructed in the Super High Cattle Market this year.

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