China: Another coronavirus vaccine tested on humans

China: Another coronavirus vaccine tested on humans

BEIJING: China has approved clinical trials of its second vaccine against the coronavirus.

According to the details, work is being done all over the world on the development of vaccines against coronavirus. So far, 19 to 470 thousand people have lost their lives due to the deadly epidemic all over the world.

Clinical trials of the second vaccine against coronavirus, approved by the Chinese National Medical Product Administration, have been approved by the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences.The vaccine, developed by the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, uses mRNA technology, a similar technology used by the American company Moderna Inc. and the German company Curieweek, but before that in clinical trials in China. It has not been tested.

Qin Chengfeng, a researcher at the MRNA project, said in a statement that the vaccine was developed locally and could be developed on a large scale.

According to the Chinese Clinical Trial Registry, Yin Nan Valve will oversee the trial phase with X-Biotechnology and Suzhou Abujin Biosense MRNA will sponsor a first-stage clinical trial for the vaccine.

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