Dexamethasone, a life-saving drug for corona patients, Price rises 100 times in Pakistan


KARACHI: Pharmaceutical companies and distributors have hiked the prices of  Dexamethasone, a life-saving drug for corona patients.
According to the details, after the use of dexamethasone without prescription after eczema, with the connivance of pharmaceutical companies and distributors, the price of life-saving drugs in the wholesale and retail market as well as the injection of eczema and dexamethasone given to corona patients has gone up. Increased a hundredfold.
Atif Blue, president of the Wholesale Chemist Council of Pakistan, said that the commissioner had apprised Karachi of the situation that wholesalers were not responsible for the shortage of medicines and increase in prices. Zubair Memon President Wholesale Pharma Organization has demanded the government to take notice of the disappearance of injections given to Corona patients. Injector blackening elements should be seized and injection medicine should also be supplied to the markets.
On the other hand, drug dealers say that there has been no increase in the prices of medicines in the wholesale markets. And wholesalers are selling at a fixed price.

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