Prohibition of direct purchase of Corona Rescue Injection

LAHORE: The Punjab government has banned hospitals from buying anti-corona injections and said that if any hospital wants to buy injections, it should inform the Secretary Health Care.
According to details, hospitals in Punjab have been banned from buying Tosli Zumab “Actimara” injections directly. Secretary Healthcare has issued a letter to the heads of all hospitals regarding the purchase of injections.
The letter said that the heads of hospitals started buying Tosli Zumab injections without approval. They started contacting the hospital company directly to purchase the injection. If any hospital wants to buy the injection, it should inform the Secretary Healthcare.
The Punjab Health Department said that injecting Corona patients require an expert to prescribe and administer the relevant injection. The use of the relevant injection will be decided by the Corona Expert Advisory Group.
Remember that the Acmera injection used for corona virus patients suddenly became rare, this injection of Rs 29,000 is now being sold for more than Rs 1 lakh.
Atif Blue, president of the Wholesale Chemist Council of Pakistan, has called on the Prime Minister and Chief Justice to ensure the supply of injections.

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