Tandoor owners increased the price of Roti by themself

LAHORE: Obeying the orders of Punjab Chief Minister, Tandoor owners have increased the price of roti by them self.
According to News, some oven owners in Lahore have increased the price of roti from Rs 6 to Rs 8. The Chief Minister had strongly directed to stabilize the price of roti.
The price of  has been increased from Rs 10 to Rs 12 to Rs 15. Simple roti is being sold at Rs 15 on some tandoor.
On Thursday, the Punjab Chief Minister had sternly said in his statement that he would not allow anyone to increase the prices of roti. There is no justification for this increase. The provincial cabinet committee should take action on increasing the price control. Ensure availability.
Usman Bazdar had directed to take all possible steps to stabilize the prices of oti and said that the supply of roti and naan the people at fixed rates would be ensured in all cases and action would be taken against those who charged excessive rates.
It may be recalled that the flour crisis from Karachi to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has gripped the country since the beginning of this year. It has intensified, making flour more expensive

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