The whims of private schools, online classes have become a problem for parents

Karachi: During the Corona epidemic, the mood of private schools continues, online classes have become a problem for parents, messages are being sent to parents to submit 3-month fees to private schools.
In addition, van drivers are also insisting on paying fees to the parents of students. On the other hand, the worst load shedding has made it a challenge to conduct online classes, including computers for online classes. The additional burden of purchasing equipment has also fallen on parents.
Parents and children are hesitant about the uncertainty of private schools, and most school owners are unwilling to comply with the Department of Education’s order to reduce fees by 20 percent. Parents say that some schools have given fee concessions for the first two months, a large number of parents have not submitted their fees. Sources say that school staff is facing difficulties in paying their salaries.
Talking to media in this regard, the Chairman Private Schools Association said that despite the government not providing relief to private schools, we cooperated with the parents in every possible way.
It should be noted that the Corona Relief Ordinance from the government did not work for the parents, more than 4 million students studying in private schools in Sindh could not get a discount on fees and teachers could not be paid.

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