Ban on applications, China warns India

 Ban on applications, China warns India

BEIJING: The Chinese Foreign Ministry has warned that a lack of cooperation with China is against India’s own interests.

According to details, the Chinese Foreign Ministry in its latest statement said that India is deeply concerned about the ban on 59 Chinese applications and is reviewing the situation.

The Foreign Ministry said that the cooperation between China and India is beneficial for both countries and they are reviewing all aspects of the issue.

It may be recalled that India has banned 59 applications, including Tik Tok, after the clash with China at Ladakh, which is being termed as the biggest move so far. The Indian government says the move is a step towards national sovereignty, integrity, and defense.India banned 59 applications, including Tik Tak

According to the Modi government, this step has been taken to protect the personal data of 130 crore Indians.

The ban on other Chinese applications, including Tik Tok, is a major blow to India

Citizens, on the other hand, have rejected apps suggested by India to be used as an alternative after the ban, calling Indian applications unnecessary and wasteful. She is also expressing reservations

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