Government and opposition speak the same language against K-Electric, unconditional support of PPP

ISLAMABAD: The worst load shedding, over-billing and public grievances in Karachi have become one language against the government and opposition Electric while the PPP has announced its unconditional support to the government for taking action against K Electric.
In the scorching heat, the government and the opposition came to the same page in the National Assembly on unannounced and unannounced load shedding, overbilling in lockdown and other public complaints by K Electric.
Members of the ruling and opposition parties have expressed outrage at the worst situation, calling for action against K-Electric.
On the issue of load shedding in Karachi, MQM member Osama Qadri said that 80% of the nation pays the people of Karachi for electricity. The people of Karachi are talking about holding a sit-in in Islamabad.
Participating in the discussion, PTI member Faheem Khan said that bullying of K Electric was going on in Karachi and another power company should be brought against K Electric.
PPP member Naveed Qamar while announcing unconditional support of the government against K Electric said that we will support the government to take steps against K Electric. The agreement with K Electric was before the PPP.
Member Assembly Agha Rafi said that Speaker, you should roll for the people of Karachi, call K Electric and ask them for an answer while Ayaz Sadiq of PML-N said that K Electric should pay billions, a committee should be formed on the issue.
PML-N’s Ahsan Iqbal said that Karachi used to be a city of lights but today there is no electricity. People in Karachi are worried about load shedding. The House should take notice. ۔

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