Great news from CoronaVaccine, UK
 Great news from CoronaVaccine, UK

LONDON: The British government has signed an advance agreement for the corona vaccine for 90 million people.
According to the details, even before the development of a possible vaccine for coronavirus, the British government had reached an agreement under which the UK would get 90 million doses of the vaccine from two pharmaceutical companies.
According to the report, 30 million doses of the vaccine will be manufactured by a German and 60 million French companies which will be supplied to the UK after a successful trial. These companies have started trial of the vaccine.
On the other hand, Oxford University is also developing 100 million vaccines. The business secretary of the British government says that the agreement was made to save the lives of British citizens, the population of Britain is about 65 million.
Russia tries to steal Corona vaccine data: UK
It is believed that the German company Bion Tech is developing the corona vaccine while the British have signed an agreement with the French company Villanova. Delivery will begin after the vaccine is successful.
British scientists hope the vaccine will be fully ready by September this year.
It should be noted that dozens of pharmaceutical companies around the world are involved in developing the corona vaccine, most of which have developed vaccines that are being tested on humans.

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