When will the remaining PSL matches be held? Got a hint

When will the remaining PSL matches be held? Got a hint

LAHORE: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and franchise owners have started considering holding the remaining matches of PSL 2020 in November this year.

According to News correspondent Shehzad Malik, the eighth online meeting of the General Council of Pakistan Super League (PSL) Season Five was held in which the remaining matches of Season Five and other issues were discussed in detail.

At the meeting, the PCB and the franchise owners reiterated that holding the remaining four matches of HBLPSL 2020 in November is the first priority.

The situation after Karuna was also taken into consideration in the meeting as the rest of the matches may be further delayed due to Covid 19.

Representatives of the PCB and all six franchises of all leagues have agreed to work together to ensure the long-term growth and financial stability of the PSL.

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Various other decisions were also taken in the meeting based on the ongoing review of the league. The Governing Council commended the PCB for making the Pakistan Super League an independent sector.

The PCB and the franchisees have agreed on a framework for regular communication between the PSL department and the teams, with the aim of expediting and improving the consultation process on various operational and strategic issues related to the league.

Chairman Pakistan Cricket Board Ehsan Mani said, “Today was an important meeting of the Governing Council in which the common agenda of all was the future of PSL and its welfare. The future of Pakistan Super League is important for Pakistan Cricket Board and all franchises. Together we will make it a big and strong brand and present it to the world.

Ehsan Mani told the participants that the PCB and the franchises have expressed their commitment to resolve all pending issues together. He said that it would be ensured that PS, one of the best cricket leagues in the world, May all parties of the LK benefit and continue to make progress so that the future of cricket remains bright.

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