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‘Effective PM’s strategy brings business life back to normal

'Effective PM's strategy brings business life back to normal'

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and senior minister Abdul Aleem Khan has said that the revival of all sectors across the country is welcome, adding that business life has returned to normal soon with the effective strategy of the Prime Minister.
According to details, Abdul Aleem Khan expressed happiness over the resumption of business life and said that people showed responsible attitude even in difficult situations, adding that normalcy of business activities would accelerate the wheel of the economy.
The senior leader said that Imran Khan’s soft lockdown policy was recognized internationally.
He further said that citizens should still ensure full implementation of SOPs, precautionary measures should not be abandoned to avoid danger, situation in Pakistan was much better than other countries, soft lockdown on Eid. The policy worked, and Corona was largely controlled.
Abdul Aleem Khan also said that the government and the people together faced the difficult situation in an efficient manner.

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