Breast cancer can be cured in 60 minutes

Breast cancer can be cured in 60 minutes


  Sydney: Researchers in Australia say that the venom in bee stings is useful for breast cancer, which can save the lives of thousands of women by treating breast cancer can be cured in 60 minutes Researchers at the HarperKins Institute of Medicine at the University of Western

Australia conducted a research study that found a cure for breast cancer from the venom in bee stings. The findings are published in the journal Persian Oncology. Experts say that the venom in bee stings can cure breast cancer because it is very effective in killing the cancer cells in the body. Experts analyzed the venom of 312 bees and whirlpools during their research. “The poison eliminated the cells that caused breast cancer 100 percent and made other healthy cells safer,” said Dr. Cara Duffy, head of the team. Read more:

 Hair dye increases the risk of breast cancer “Our research also found that the cells that cause the most deadly type of breast cancer, triple-negative breast cancer, were killed by more toxins,” she said. “This type of breast cancer is considered incurable because no cure or treatment has yet been found, which is why thousands of women die every year,” she said. The research report states that when the drug bee venom, docetaxel, was injected into rats,

 they rapidly destroyed the cells in just 60 minutes. Dr Cara Duffy described the bee stings and the venom in them as extremely beneficial for cancer, saying: Was’. According to Dr. Duffy, research on bee venom was carried out in 1950, but over the past two decades, research on bee venom for the treatment of various types of cancer has increased. Also read: Women under 50 double their risk of breast cancer “In the light of the results, our team will look at how and where to use bee venom. We will complete this work as soon as possible to save women’s lives,” she said.

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