Bitterness between Prince Harry and William

Bitterness between Prince Harry and William increased
Web Desk 16 October 2020

Bitterness between Prince Harry and William

LONDON (Reuters) – Disagreements between Britain’s Prince Harry and William have escalated after Meghan Merkel appeared in an issue of the American magazine Vogue.Bitterness between Prince Harry and William

According to a report by a foreign news agency, Meghan Merkel, the wife of British Prince Harry, joined as a guest editor for the September issue of the magazine and also prepared the cover page

According to the report, there are bitterness between Harry and William in this regard. In his book The Battle of the Brothers, the royal author Robert Lacey claims that Prince William and Prince Harry had a bitter feud over Meghan Merkel’s Vogue magazine because the royal family disliked what was included in the magazine. Is.

The Queen removed the pictures of Prince Harry and Meghan

The author said that William contacted Harry in the same vein and complained that the royal family wanted to remain politically neutral, but the differences between the two grew because Harry supported Meghan.

According to Robert Lacey, Meghan and Harry have also reportedly decided not to attend the Balmoral Summer with other members of the royal family.

Meghan selected more than a dozen women from around the world for the front page of the magazine. Among them were Greta Thunberg, an active member of Climate Change, and Jacinda Arden, the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Meghan and Kate actually got on rather well from the start,” Lacey wrote. “They might not be best-buddy material, but they found themselves, sister-outsiders in their extraordinary royal situation, and both of them cool professionals,

treating each other with mutual respect. Each was far too canny to make an enemy of a prospective sister-in-law—it only made sense to be friends. The fundamental conflict was between the two males who had known each other all their lives and had never hesitated to tell each other exactly what they thought and felt.”



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