FATF member countries appreciative Pakistan

FATF member countries appreciative Pakistans performance
Web Desk October 24, 2020

FATF member countries appreciative Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has said that the FATF member countries are appreciative of Pakistan’s performance, adding that Pakistan will make significant progress in the remaining six targets by February 2021.

According to the details, the Ministry of Finance issued a statement at the FATF meeting, in which it was stated that Pakistan made progress on all 27 targets, no target was left for Pakistan, the 6 targets mentioned by FATF. I also made progress, Hamad Azhar was virtually present in all the FATF meetings.

The Ministry of Finance said that Pakistan is committed to implementing the FATF Action Plan and will show by implementing all the FATF Action Plans, which meet the demands of the member countries in 6 targets and Pakistan will remain by February 2021 It will also make great strides in 6 goals.

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The statement said that the FATF member countries are appreciative of Pakistan’s performance, Pakistan has taken full action against Hawala Hindi and has completely curbed currency smuggling.

The finance ministry said Pakistan had completely eliminated funding to terrorists, improved anti-money laundering legislation and made necessary amendments to the Anti-Terrorism Act.

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It may be recalled that FATF commended the progress made in Pakistan’s action plan and decided to keep it on the gray list and directed Pakistan to implement the remaining points by February next year.

The FATF had provided 27 action points to Pakistan for compliance. The International Cooperation Review Group report acknowledged the implementation of 21 action points. ۔

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