Hafeez Center Lahore

 Hafeez Center Lahore Terrible fire in a shopping center, millions of goods burnt to ashes
Avatar Babar Khan 18 October 2020

 Hafeez Center Lahore

LAHORE: The fire at Hafeez Center in Gulberg has not been brought under control yet. Two snorkels of the fire brigade, 20 vehicles and more than 70 personnel are engaged in extinguishing the fire.

According to  News, a fire broke out on the second floor of Hafeez Center in Lahore at 6 am today due to a short circuit, which immediately engulfed the entire building. Despite the passage of 8 hours, the fire has not been brought under control yet. Could go Rescue teams are trying to evacuate those trapped in the plaza.

Upon receiving the report of the fire, a large number of traders reached the Hafeez Center, who started removing their valuables with their help. During this time, they also saw gruesome scenes. Many traders were overwhelmed when they saw their crores of goods burning. The affected building houses a large number of shops selling computers, laptops, mobile phones and other electronic goods.

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The fire brigade’s two snorkels, 20 vehicles and more than 70 firefighters are still fighting the blaze, but due to a lack of equipment, help has been sought from other districts, as well as Rangers. Taking notice of the incident, the Punjab Chief Minister directed the local administration to use all necessary resources.

On the other hand, the Chief of Lahore Police has issued a message to the citizens of Lahore due to the horrific fire at Hafeez Center, in which he has warned the citizens that due to the fire, poisonous smoke has spread in the air. Keep them in a safe place while taking care of the elders.

Omar Sheikh further said that in this difficult time we are with the business community, all the administration is trying to control the fire together, to deal with any untoward incident by DC Lahore hospitals. I have made arrangements.

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