Hepatitis C Prevention Plan

Hepatitis C Prevention Plan
25 October 2020

Hepatitis C Prevention Plan

Lahore: The Prime Minister’s Hepatitis C Program, a major hepatitis C prevention project in the country, has entered the final stages of its preparation.Hepatitis C Prevention Plan

According to details, the Prime Minister’s Hepatitis C Program is in the final stages of preparation. PC One worth Rs 70 billion has entered the final stages, PC One has been sent to the Planning Commission of Pakistan for approval.

51% of the project will be given to Punjab province.

37 billion has been allocated for Punjab in PC-1. Under the plan, Pakistan’s 140 million population will be screened. The screening will be done for everyone between the ages of 12 and 80.

A population of 80 million will be screened in Punjab. Hepatitis C screening will be done on a polio-by-door basis. If hepatitis C is positive, PCR test and free medicine will be given.

According to the survey report, the rate of Hepatitis C in Punjab is 8.9 while in Pakistan it is 7%. Every ninth person in Punjab and every seventh person in Pakistan is infected with Hepatitis C.

There are 1.5 crore cases of Hepatitis C in Pakistan and 8 million in Punjab. Between 30% and 40% of patients die of liver failure and liver cancer every year. Egypt ranks first in the world and Pakistan ranks second in terms of hepatitis C cases.

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