How did the police arrest Abid Malhi?

How did the police arrest Abid Malhi?
Avatar Ahmar Khokhar 12 October 2020

How did the police arrest Abid Malhi?


The wanted accused in the Gujjarpura rape case was finally caught by the law. Police today announced the arrest of Abid Malhi, the main accused in the incident from Faisalabad.

Abid Malhi, the main accused in the Link Road rape case, was a headache for the police. Police teams were mobilized to arrest the accused. Several raids were carried out but the police failed.

Police said that today when a raid was carried out in Faisalabad Tandliawala to arrest accused Abid Malhi, the accused fled from there.

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Police received information that accused Abid Malahi had come to his close relative’s house in Manga Mandi. Police raided Manga Mandi Ali Town and arrested accused Abid Malahi.


Sources said that the accused was being shifted from Faisalabad to Lahore after his arrest. The other main accused in the case, Shafqat, is on judicial remand.

Punjab Information Minister Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chauhan said that the accused’s hideouts were raided three to four times but he used to escape.

“In such cases, we have to show total responsibility. Within 72 hours, the accused were identified for the first time in history,” he said.

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“I travelled through various cities in public transport,” sources quoted the suspect as saying, adding that he ultimately got caught after he ran out of money and was forced to contact his wife.

“Me, Shafqat and Bala Mistri went [to the highway] to commit robberies near Karol village,” he said, according to sources. “Mistri did not proceed with us. However, Shafqat and I went towards the jungle in Karol.”

Malhi disclosed that he and Shafqat robbed two to three truck drivers near Karol village near the motorway, before they sexually assaulted the woman.

He said that the car’s flashing indicators caught his attention and upon seeing a woman inside, Malhi told her to come out. Confirming initial reports of the crime that had been reported in media, he said when the woman refused to come out of the car, he broke the vehicle’s window and dragged her outside.

“After robbing the woman of her watch, jewellery and money, we told her to go down the motorway,” he said, according to sources. “When the woman refused to do so, we took her children off the motorway, and the woman followed to protect them.”

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