Shaykh Adnan Afyouni

Mufti of Damascus Shaykh Adnan Afyouni has passed away after explosives

Shaykh Adnan Afyouni

he Mufti of Damascus Shaykh Adnan Afyouni has passed away after explosives were detonated near his car, A statement by Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi

On the Assassination of Shaykh M. Adnan Afyouni, the Mufti of Damascus

the sad news that Shaykh Muhammad Adnan al-Afyouni, the Mufti of Damascus has been martyred. He was assassinated by a car bomb. We pray that Allah have mercy upon him and forgive him, and place him in the Heavens.

We have known him as a righteous scholar, an upright preacher and an eloquent speaker. With his death, Damascus lost one of its luminous dedicated scholars.

We denounce this heinous crime, through which terrorists are targeting the Sunni Ulema. We emphasise that difference of opinion or political stance does not make it legal to shed the blood of the opponent thinker, scholars and writers. Thoughts should be countered by thoughts, and words refuted by words.

There are secretive organisations that see violence as a valid means to power, such as ‘the Muslim Brotherhood’ that embraced the method of takfir and adopted violence as means via sleeping apparatuses and cells. They hijacked the uprising of our people in Syria and caused them more suffering and pain.

In as much as we denounce the crimes and atrocities of the Syrian regime, and condemn the position of the Ulema who support it, we denounce the crimes of murders and assassinations of innocent people, civilians and scholars that the terrorist organisations do. These terrorist organisations such as ISIS or JN would not have found a ground in Syria without the full support of the Muslim Brotherhood, who took over the institutions of the Syrian opposition and controlled them and stole the hopes of our people and are feeding on its suffering.

May Allah have mercy upon shaykh Muhammad Adnan al-Afyouni, may Allah reward him for the good he did, and forgive him and us for our shortcomings, and we hope he be given the rank of a martyr.

May Allah have mercy on the hundreds of thousands of Syrians who died under torture in the prisons of the Syrian regime, and those who were killed by ISIS and JN and other terrorist groups

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