Successful ways to lose weight a few minutes

Successful ways to lose weight in just a few minutes


Web Desk 5 October 2020

 During the global Coronavirus epidemic, most people feel like a healthy life has gone off the rails after months at home.Successful ways to lose weight a few minutes 
 In this regard, a health expert in Dubai has mentioned some exercises that you can do in 30 minutes, which you can do easily to burn calories alone or with someone at home.Successful ways to lose weight in just a few minutes However, be sure to consult your doctor before starting them as the number of calories burned varies from person to person

 To run

 This is an easy way to burn calories. Running at 10 minutes per mile for 30 minutes can burn at least 350 calories.   

Walking or gardening 

 If you want to do some light exercise, take a walk which can burn 170 calories in half an hour. Taking a walk can also reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, and can also provide vitamin D to the body if done outside in the fresh air
. In addition, gardening for 30 minutes can burn up to 150 calories.   


 If you want to burn more calories, playing tennis for 30 minutes may be possible. One tennis match can burn up to 300 calories. In addition, tennis gives strength and flexibility to the body.   Cycling Cycling for 30 minutes can burn 400 calories and 220 calories if burned at low speeds.   Swimming Swimming is best for full body exercise. Swimming for 30 minutes can burn 250 calories.

1. REDUCE OR ELIMINATE STARCHES AND SUGARS Successful ways to lose weight in just a few minutes

Starches and sugars are the single-biggest reason for weight gain. Besides causing a prolonged spiking of blood sugar levels, sugars and starches promote hunger, as the nutritional value of most food in this category are devoid of any nutritional value. Reducing or eliminating starches will increase feelings of satiety and supercharge your weight loss efforts. Additionally, cutting back or eliminating sugars and starches helps get rid of water weight and excess sodium in the body.

2. FOCUS ON FAT AND PROTEIN TO LOSE WEIGHT  Successful ways to lose weight in just a few minutes

We mentioned this briefly, but it is worth repeating: protein is a weight loss aspirant’s BFF. Besides the benefits mentioned, diets high in protein may reduce unhealthy cravings by upwards of 60 percent. Research shows that including a protein and fat source in every meal can reduce daily calorie intake by up to one-third.   Good sources of protein include beef, chicken, eggs, lamb, and fish. Good vegan food choices include nuts and seeds, tofu, and quinoa. Fat is best acquired in the forms of butter, fish, avocado oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. Creating your meals with a good fat and protein source will effectively limit unhealthy carbs, thereby supercharging your weight loss.


We’re going to blow some minds on this one, but: proper weight training is nearly as effective at burning fat as cardio. In fact, it may well be even more effective. Why? Well, even though a sweaty cardio session may burn more calories than a weight-training workout, the fat-busting effects of weight training last much longer. Besides building muscle and sculpting a better physique, strength-training helps you avoid an infamous bugaboo of dieting: muscle loss. Also, lifting weights is particularly crucial for this 3-step approach to weight loss, as you’ll be increasing your protein intake and decreasing your carbs. In other words, this plan gives you an excellent opportunity to add muscle (while melting away the fat!) Better yet, do a 4-minute HIIT session followed by weight training. Now we’re talkin’!

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