TikTok unban

TikTok unban for Pakistani consumers
Web Desk 19 October 2020

TikTok unban


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has announced the lifting of the ban on TikTok , saying it is issuing a notification for the restoration of TikTok unban for Pakistani consumers

According to details, it has been decided to restore the video sharing app TikTok in Pakistan. A spokesman for the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) said that the TikTok administration has assured compliance with Pakistani laws that those who upload unethical content Will block the account, after which Tik Tak is issuing restoration confirmation.

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It may be recalled that the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority had banned China’s popular video-sharing app TickTalk and said that it had decided to shut down the TikTok mobile application on all networks due to lack of effective mechanism to block unethical content. Instructions were also issued to the companies.

Later, Federal Minister for Information Technology and Communication Aminul Haq said that if Tak Tak followed the government policy and acted on our request in time, he could be allowed to work in Pakistan again.

The management of the well-known video sharing app Tik Tak said that talks are underway with the officials of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to revive the app, hoping that enthusiastic users of Pakistan will be able to use Tik Tak again soon. ۔

Information and Technology Minister Syed Aminul Haque said the block would be lifted if the app carried out the required cleanup.

“For the time being, (TikTok) has been closed,” he told Arab News. “If they give a guarantee, then it will be allowed to reopen. They were warned twice during the last three months to remove the vulgarity-related content. Every time they promised, but did not comply.”

He said that the government was ready to talk to TikTok.

“If they approach (us), we will sit with them and after removal of the content, it (the app) will be restored,” Haque added.

In September the PTA said it had approached TikTok to immediately block “objectionable content” available on its platform in Pakistan and prevent the use of its platform “for disseminating illegal content.”

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