Worldwide boycott of French products

Worldwide boycott of products, a major blow to the French economy
Web Desk October 29, 2020

Worldwide boycott of French products

France: Hundreds of billions of dollars in French trade with Muslim countries have been jeopardized following a Worldwide boycott of French products, which could cost the French government billions of dollars.

According to details, Muslim countries are protesting against the publication of insulting sketches in France and the anti-Islamic statement of the French President and French products are being boycotted all over the world in the love of the Holy Prophet.

According to foreign media, France billion trade with Muslim countries is in jeopardy, which could cost the French government billions of dollars.

Turkey is France’s largest export market, and the Turkish president has already called on the public to boycott French products.

Deciding to take diplomatic and legal action against Turkey, Turkey appealed to friendly countries to be part of the campaign, while the head of Al-Azhar University called on the international community to criminalize anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim measures.

Protests erupted in Turkey against the French president’s statement, while French products were removed from all Jordanian markets.

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