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Russian scientists about corona vaccine update
Web Desk November 24, 2020

Russia has announced the results of the second phase of the coronavirus vaccine. The Sputnik V vaccine has been declared 95% effective corona vaccine update.

Russian experts have claimed in the results of Phase II of the clinical trial of the locally developed corona vaccine ‘Sputnik V’ that the vaccine is up to 95% effective against the corona epidemic.

The government-run Gamalia Research Center and the Russian Foreign Investment Fund (RDIF) said the findings were based on preliminary data obtained 42 days after the first dose.

The second control point, according corona vaccine update to the clinical trial protocol, was based on an analysis of data from volunteers receiving the first and second doses of the Sputnik V vaccine or placebo.

corona vaccine update

The company said in a statement that preliminary data from volunteers were obtained 42 days after the first dose, indicating the effectiveness of more than 95% of the corona vaccine update.

The company said the Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine would cost less than a dollar and would be available for a total of 740 rubles on world markets. The vaccine would be provided free of charge to Russian citizens.

After many other countries corona vaccine update, Brazil is now ready to acquire the Russian corona vaccine, in this regard, the Brazilian Ministry of Health is going to sign an agreement with Russia regarding the purchase of Sputnik V.

According to Russian media, the Brazilian Ministry of Health is ready to sign an agreement with RDIF (Russian Direct Investment Fund) regarding the possible purchase of the Russian corona vaccine Sputnik V.

According to the Brazilian Ministry of Health, similar agreements will be made with major US pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, Johnson Selg, Indian Biotech, and Moderna.

It should be noted that Brazil has been active in vaccinating against the coronavirus from the very beginning. Last week, Brazilian healthcare officials met with representatives of vaccine companies to discuss issues related to vaccine preparation, safety and effectiveness. At the same time, the logistical aspects of its supply were also discussed.






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