Gold prices pakistan today

Gold prices Pakistan today Record decline
9 November 2020


Karachi: Despite the rise in gold prices in the global market, gold prices in Pakistan fell.

According to  News correspondent, the Gold prices pakistan today price of gold rose by  during trading at the beginning of the business week in the bullion market, but fell in Pakistan. The price of gold per ounce in the world market closed at 195 1952 after increasing by 2 2.

According to Muhammad Arshad, Chairman, All Pakistan Jewelers Manufacturers Association, despite the rise in the international market, the prices of gold per tola and ten grams fell by Rs 800 and Rs 684, respectively, in the barter markets across the country on November 9.Gold prices pakistan today

After the recent decline, the price of gold per tola was Rs. 114,200 and the price of ten grams was Rs.

The dollar fell further, falling below 9 159

Gold prices pakistan today

It may be recalled that a day earlier on November 7, the price of gold per tola was reduced by Rs. 700, after which the price of gold per tola across the country fell by Rs. 98 thousand 851.

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